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If you want to know more about the Competition, have a read of the Frequently Asked Questions below. 

If your question isn’t answered here, you can email hello@moneyandyou.org.nz

Why is the FSC doing this Competition?

We want to foster conversations about money in schools, families and communities around the country. Because the more we start talking about it, the better off we’ll all be.

How does my school enter?

You can enter the competition by clicking on Submit Your Video in the top right-hand corner of the website. Entries for the 2022 competition are not yet open.

What resources are provided for teachers?

You’ll find a bunch of resources for teachers, including a teacher pack and waiver form, on our For Teachers page.

Who is the FSC?

For more information about the FSC, visit the About page.

When does the competition end?

The competition closes at 11.59pm on the last day of Term 2 2022 (Friday 8 July 2022).

Who can enter the competition?

Anyone can enter the Why Does Money Matter?' Competition: an individual, a group of friends, a whole class or a whole school. 

Can we do a group video with multiple students / teachers?


Does it cost to enter into the Challenge?

There is no cost to enter the Competition.

Will my video be visible to the general public?

Your video will be visible to the public if you make it public on YouTube. If it is shortlisted, it will appear on the 'Why Does Money Matter?' Competition website and on FSC social media and marketing channels. For more details on how your video may be used, read our Terms and Conditions. We recommend that you still obtain consent from parents or whānau for all children who will appear in your video.

Can I delete my video and re-upload?

No. Once you have submitted your entry you are not able to delete and reupload it. Make sure you are ready to upload it before you submit. 

Can I enter the competition if I am home schooled?

Unfortunately not.

Can our schools have multi entries?

Yes, you can submit as many entries per school as you like.

How many students need to be present in the video?

As many or as few as you like – it's up to you! We encourage as many students to get involved as possible, but this doesn’t have to be on camera. You might have some students working on script writing, designing props or doing voiceovers. 

Can teachers, parents and whānau help?

Yes, we encourage you to involve parents, whānau and the wider school community as much as possible. You can access any help and resources that you have available. 

If we win, where will our video clips be shared?

If you win, your video will be shared on the 'Why Does Money Matter?' Competition website and on FSC social media and marketing channels, which may include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email and other platforms. For full terms and conditions related to the sharing of your submission, please read our Terms and Conditions

What date is the winner announced?

The winners will be announced at the FSC's conference on 21-22 September 2022. Finalists will be informed prior to this date so that they are able to attend the event.



What is the prize?

There are six $2,000 cash prizes up for grabs, one for each category winner. 

What are the categories for prizes?

There are six categories: Years 1-4, Years 5 & 6, Years 7 & 8, Years 9-13, a blended category for schools with mixed age groups and a te reo Māori category. You are only able to enter in one category for the competition. 

When are the prize winners announced?

The winners of each category will be announced at the FSC’s Conference on 21-22 September 2022 Finalists will receive an invite to attend the session and winners will have their entries showcased on the day to the financial services community, journalists and leaders.

How many winners are there? How many winners will be announced?

There will be a total of six winners, one per category.

How are the winners decided?

The winners will be decided by a judging panel consisting of young leaders and financial services professionals, including Latayvia Tualasea Tautai, Kendall Flutey and Tom Hartmann, with more judges to be announced.

How will the school be notified if we are shortlisted or win?

You will be notified via email if you are shortlisted. Winners will be announced at the conference and will also receive an email notification.

Do I get feedback on my performance? 

No. Unfortunately our judges won’t have the time to respond individually to each and every submission.

What is the judging criteria?

Entries will be judged on their factual accuracy (are the things you are saying about money correct?), passion (how much passion comes through in the video), storytelling (how well it tells a story about why money matters), engagement (how engaging the entry is to the viewer) and independent thought (how much external help the students appear to have received).

Who are the judges?

The 2021 judges were a mix of young business leaders, journalists and members of the financial services sector: ​

  • Latayvia Tualasea Tautai, YWCA Y25 young leader, Pasifika advocate and financial mentor

  • Kendall Flutey, Banqer CEO and 2019 Young New Zealander of the Year

  • Tom Hartmann, Managing Editor, Sorted

  • More to be announced



Why am I not able to upload the video or my entry?

It’s likely you are unable to upload your entry or are encountering technical difficulties, please contact hello@moneyandyou.org.nz 

Is there a time limit on submissions?

We would like entries to be around 3 minutes or under, however you will not be penalised for going over the time limit.

How many entries can I submit?

You can submit as many entries as you like.

When do entries need to be submitted?

By 11.59pm on Friday 8 July 2022.

Do I need to get consent from parents before filming my video?

Yes, we recommend that you get consent from parents whose children appear in your entry.  

What is the requirement of the video format? 

Your video can be in any format, however in order to submit you will need to upload it to YouTube so that we are able to share it on FSC social channels and on the website if required.

How do I enter the competition?

You can enter the competition by filling out the entry form on this website any time from 8.00am Monday 2 May 2022 until 11.59pm on Friday 8 July 2022. You will be asked for details about your school and participants in the submission, and to add a link to your YouTube video.

Do I have to make my YouTube video public?

You can choose whether to make your video publicly accessible or unlisted. A publicly accessible video will be able to be seen by anyone on the internet. If you keep your video Unlisted, only people with the link to your video can see it. Even if your video is unlisted, the link can be shared with others to access. For more information, click here.

Does the video only have to be in English?

Your video can be in any of the official languages of New Zealand.